Sunday, November 13, 2011

android razr

android razr. Name RAZR became a separate record of all doings Motorola smart phone business. This series is known for packing a thin body. Initially using a folding construction, but later evolved into the form of a candy bar.

In the midst of busy releasing an Android phone, Motorola did not forget this sub-brand. Carrying the name Droid then became the name of her typical Motorola phone OS Android. For the sake of reviving the sub-brand RAZR (read: razor), the manufacturer is redesigning the hardware technology of today. Motorola originally applied to prepare for LTE network through a series of tests that serious.

But then the public appalled by the thin design, typical RAZR back to life. Only 7.1 mm thick as well as to surpass Samsung Galaxy SII (8.49 mm) which was referred to as a super super thin smartphone. In other words, the designers and engineers to Motorola's success lay out the components of the product thickness is only equivalent to about nine stacks of credit cards.

This slim phone supports 4.3-inch wide screen HD-quality type of Super AMOLED. Was covered by Gorilla Glass. The material is a mixture of Kevlar weighing in order to maintain its weight is 127 grams. For about the weight seems to be the Samsung Galaxy SII excited because it is more lightly.

An 8 MP camera adds another attraction. While the processor using Cortex A-9 dual-core 1.2 GHz speed. This series just did not want to wait for OS Ice Cream Sandwiches for a while. So inevitably wear Gingerbread. After all, Google has stated that the Gingerbread android phones could be upgraded to Android version 4.0. To maintain power endurance, use 1780 mAh capacity battery, a little bigger than some smartphones.

Motorola did not want to give some version of the magnitude of internal memory space. Just one of 16 GB (while RAM is 1 GB). Droid RAZR so full. Likely to harass another vendor to release a thinner.

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